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Streamline the Business of Payroll


We deliver the modern tools your payroll clients and your back office staff need to meet the demands of the evolving workforce and government agencies. Whether you are a CPA firm, payroll service bureau or professional employer organization, our platform offers a web-native, versatile, industrial strength and competitively priced solution for your payroll business.

With the SeriousPayroll Platform you have the functionality and technology you desire, any way you want it, from a solution hosted from a secured data center to an installation in-house on your own computer servers. You brand and package the solution that works best for your business. 

SeriousPayroll is fast, easy to use and more flexible than you expect. You can support hundreds or even thousands of payroll clients. Your clients in turn can handle payroll administration for hundreds to thousands of employees.

Platform Modules:     

Time and Labor Management
Employee Self Service
Agency Payments
Back Office

The sections that immediately follow explore each module further.


Our Time and Labor Management module simplifies labor-intensive time and paid-time-off tracking, data entry, and approval processing. It is design for the mobile workforce where, in a given week or pay period, employees and contractors work multiple job assignments, multiple clients and projects, work in multiple tax jurisdictions, and record labor across complex organization structures.  

Key Features:

  • Record employee hours and across multiple job assignments with different pay rates
  • Distribute employee hours, wages and one-time deductions across multiple tax jurisdictions
  • Distribute employee hours, wages and one-time deductions across multiple organizations, clients and projects 
  • Incremental employee shift differentials computed automatically
  • Make-up wages for tipped employees computed automatically
  • Supports multiple paid-time-off hours and accrues leave automatically across multiple plans


Our Payroll module is robust, accurate, reliable and fast. When you 'Run A Payroll', payroll is processed as well as all agency obligations are generated and scheduled. In a single click the Payroll Register, ACH Deposits Register, Agencies Payable and General Ledger Transactions are ready for review. Timesheet, employee and agency changes can be applied before the results are 'Approved' for disbursement and back office administration.

Key Features:

  • SeriousPayroll supports 10,000+ tax jurisdictions.
  • On-Demand paychecks can be generated at any time.
  • Wage garnishments comply with the Federal Wage Garnishment Law,  Consumer Credit Protection Act's Title 3.
  • Processing a payroll of 500 employees complete with multiple tax jurisdictions, multiple paychecks per employee, and general ledger distribution, is accomplished in less than 30 seconds. REALLY! 


Our platform streamlines accounts payable by seamlessly integrating agencies payable into 'Run A Payroll'. Based on payroll withholdings and employer matching or partial matchings for withholdings, SeriousPayroll automatically assembles and schedules agency obligations. Payroll taxes, insurance benefits, defined contributions, wages garnishments, union dues and any other employer-designated agency obligations are scheduled for payment according to the semi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or other deposit frequency set up for those agencies. 

Key Features:

  • Agencies payable can be printed as checks or ACH CCD deposits.
  • On-Demand Paychecks automatically assemble and schedule corresponding agencies payable.
  • Voided Paychecks automatically assemble and schedule corresponding agencies payable reversals.
  • Agency checks are merged with employee paychecks for payment reconciliation. 


Our platform’s Employee Self Service feature is designed to allow employees to participate in payroll administration and time and labor management in a way that tremendously reduces the work load of the payroll department. Employee participation is effective but does not jeopardize security and accuracy.

Key Features:

  • Employees can update basic information on their profile, maintain an unlimited number of ACH bank deposits and edit timesheet entry.
  • View Paid-Time-Off accrued, taken and available.
  • View Paystubs from any timeframe.
  • View and Print Form W-2 for any calendar year.
  • View and Print Form 1099-MISC for any calendar year. 


Our Back Office module is really well-suited to dramatically enhancing the productivity of your back office staff. 

SeriousPayroll has well-tuned interfaces to the major payroll tax processing organizations in the industry, including the IRS’ EFTPS Batch Provider, MasterTax and Social Security Administration's Electronic W-2 Wage Reporting.

ACH processing is tightly linked to Cachet Financial Services’ patented online system, automating the entire ACH process for direct deposits, payroll tax payments, wage garnishment payments, benefits premium payments, defined contribution deposits, debiting client fees, and other payroll related items.

Our platform delivers powerful, secure and easy-to-use payroll tax and treasury management solutions designed for the payroll business – CPA firms, payroll service bureaus, professional employer organizations and other payroll service providers.   

With SeriousPayroll your payroll business is set up as a secured and flexible enterprise. It is your brand, complete with your business' URL, logos, etc. You conveniently determine the business rules that apply to it, and how the enterprise, client and employee access roles and privileges are defined.


Our Back Office module facilitates the timely process of transfering payroll-related funds from your clients to disbursing those funds to your employees, contractors, payroll tax jurisidictons and other payroll-related organizations in
your ecosystem.

We have combined our capabilities with the best back-end payroll services and technology available to make the collection and disbursement of client funds as timely, efficient, secure and reliable as it can be. You can focus on the core business processes you are good at while our SeriousPayroll Platform, inconjunction with our back office partners, help you manage and grow you payroll business.

We proudly maintain solid technological interfaces and contractual arrangements with the back office partners highlighted below. 

ACH processing services for payroll-related electronic transactions

Direct Deposits
Tax Payments
Garnishment Payments
Benefit Payments
401(k) Payments
Expense Reimbursements
Fee Collection

Pay, balance, and file payroll taxes 

Works with SeriousPayroll to help you schedule, pay, balance, and file your payroll taxes within minutes of running payroll

Schedule Taxes
Pay Taxes
On-Demand Balancing
Supports 10,000 tax jurisdictions

Electronically File Multiple Employer W-2s and W-2Cs in a single submission

Fast, free, and secure online W-2 filing options  for accountants, enrolled agents, CPAs and individuals who process W-2s

Easiest Way to Pay All Your Federal Taxes

Send 1,000 enrollments. 5,000 payments in one transaction.  Synchronize enrollments and payments with SeriousPayroll  and EFTPS® database in real-time.


Our SeriousPayroll Platform Technology Partners are leaders in their particular fields, and they offer outstanding web-based business solutions and ground-breaking technologies that help us keep our platform at the forefront of the payroll processing industry.

SeriousPayroll built entirely with
Microsoft Developer Tools

SQL Server Data Management
SQL Server Reporting Services
Microsoft .NET Framework
Microsoft Visual Studio

Managed, Dedicated anc Cloud Hosting
Powered by Exceptional Service

SSAE 16 Certified Data Centers
Live 24/7/365 Support
Fast  Deployment
Competitive Pricing
Best-in-Class Data Centers

Adds PDF functionality to SeriousPayoll

Real-time SeriousPayroll PDFs
IRS Form 941
IRS Form 943
IRS Form W-2
IRS Form 1099-MISC.
Plus more...


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