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BACK OFFICE. Powerful, secure and easy-to-use payroll tax and treasury management solutions designed for payroll businesses – CPA firms, payroll service bureaus, professional employer organizations and other payroll service providers.  

An Enterprise is a business that handles payroll administration for its clients. These businesses are widely known as payroll service bureaus, professional employers organizations, CPA firms and other forms of payroll service providers. Their clients are individual employers.

Thousands of employers are supported within an enterprise. The number of employers, employees and contractors, and users within an enterprise is limited only by the hosting environment.

The Back Office covers payroll tax administration, client fund collections and disbursements, standard report subscriptions emailed to clients, electronic exports of multiple employer W-2s to the Social Security Administration, and convenient electronic exports to EFTPS and other payroll tax outsource providers.

Yes. If electronic reporting is not already supported within SeriousPayroll we can work with those providers to build the electronic exports and other reporting tools required.