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CLOUD PLATFORMS. Use our Codero Hosted dedicated computer server, virtual server hosted on Microsoft Azure. On-premise hosting is also available.

Your organization can set up your payroll business as an enterprise running from our own cloud platforms at Codero Hosting or Microsoft Azure, or you can install a stand-alone, run-time copy on computer servers hosted elsewhere.

Your organization is granted full access to a SeriousPayroll enterprise to handle an unlimited number of employers, employers and end-users, and brand with your own logos and secured URL. You will be billed a low, monthly base fee and a low, monthly usage fee for employees paid every month.

Your organization is granted a SeriousPayroll Stand-Alone, Run-Time license, installed on a dedicated computer server at that hosting location. You organization will be able to extend SeriousPayroll's look-and-feel and reporting to meet the evolving needs of your workforce management ecosystem. You will be billed a one-time upfront fee, monthly base fee and a monthly usage fee for employees paid every month.

The SeriousPayroll Stand-Alone, Run-Time License includes the multiple databases with all required tables, all standard SQL Server reports, all standard DynamicPDF payroll tax forms, all ASP.NET webforms, all database documentation and 5 days or on-site training.

Yes. Current payroll tax tables, formulas, and payroll tax stored procedures are kept in the SeriousPayroll Payroll Tax Engine database. We keep this database kept up to date with ongoing compliance with tax regulations. This database and all payroll-related SQL Server reports and standard DynamicPDF payroll tax forms can be downloaded from our secured website.

Your organization can purchase a SerioysPayroll Stand-Alone, Run-Time license which is affordable to you. Prices vary based on the size of your employee population. Complete our INQUIRE form, submit it and a representative will contact you by the next business day.