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SeriousPayroll licensed software runs on a Microsoft Windows Server with .NET managed code for the client-side user interface, and Microsoft SQL databases from the computer server-side. Reports and PDF documents reside on the computer server and are rendered client-side to users with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and DynamicPDF.

You can sign-up to use SeriousPayroll in our Codero Hosted dedicated computer server or from our virtual server hosted on Microsoft Azure.
You can purchase a run-time software licence which allows you to deploy SeriousPayroll hosted in a data center or a cloud-computing platform of your choice, or on-premises within your organization.

Infrastructure Keeps Payroll Running

With Codero, you can expect to receive highly-reliable, brand name, industry-leading technology and superior network redundancy. Dedicated support experts live 24/7/365, monitoring and maintenance updates ensures security and reliability for your payroll business and gives you peace of mind. All Codero dedicated servers include a Rock Solid 100% Uptime Guarantee because you can't afford downtime.

On-Demand and Scalable Resources

With Azure, you can readily scale resources up or down, while taking advantage of advanced compute and networking infrastructure that has been specifically configured to run SeriousPayroll along with other demanding High Performance Computing applications. This combination of flexibility and performance helps you to run your workloads on demand, paying only for the time when you are using the resources.

On-Premise Server

An on-premise version of SeriousPayroll is recommended when your business demands a delivery model where your payroll application is installed and operated in a  computing infrastructure that remains within the confines of your business. Your IT staff controls security, access, availability and integration with your other business applications.

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